Other game and puzzle material (John)

Magic Knight’s Tours : Update to sources given in Variant Chess 57 (most recent addition May 2018)

Tom Marlow (March 2017)

The cosmetics of puzzles (November 2016)

Notes on a puzzle by Conway and O'Beirne (November/December 2016)

A few lightweight puzzles and curiosities (latest revision May 2018)
An ultimate railway shunting problem (after Dudeney, May 2018)
The cow, the horse, and the sheep (after Loyd, revised May 2018)

Two notes on magic knight's tours (March 2012)
Self-complementary five-leaper tours with rotational symmetry (August 2010, see Variant Chess 64, page 232)

Bridge : a dummy reversal on a 7-2 fit (September 2011, note added August 2015)

Some 18th century books on mathematical recreations (October 1992)

51 flights of chess fancy (interlude and chapters 7/8/10)

Reminiscences of a puzzle enthusiast

For material on Orthodox Chess, Chess Variants, and Peg Solitaire, see separate pages.

George Jelliss's Knight's Tour Notes are now on his "Mayhematics" site (www.mayhematics.com), as are the various issues of The Games and Puzzles Journal. My own The Mathematics of Games (Oxford University Press, 1989/1990) was reprinted by Dover in 2006.