Notes and papers on Peg Solitaire (John)

Clock solitaire (most recently revised June 2017)
A pentagonal board from Hungary (May 2016)
Some observations on a 1924 octagram board (May 2016)

An update to the history of peg solitaire (most recent appendix added April 2017)

Contributions towards a historical update (most recently revised October 2014)
Extracts from Mercure Galant, August and September 1697 (May/June 2013)
Material in Les Tablettes du Chercheur, 1891-1896 (June 2013)

Swaps and merry-go-rounds (July 2013)
New problems on old solitaire boards (George Bell and JDB, April 2005)
The text from issue 28 of The Games and Puzzles Journal (September 2003)

On 33-hole solitaire positions with rotational symmetry (November 2012)

Some observations on the analysis of peg solitaire by computer (February/March 2013)

51 flights of chess fancy (interlude and chapter 9)

The Ins and Outs of Peg Solitaire (OUP, 1985/1992) is out of print, but copies surface from time to time on the second-hand market (try

In addition to the file mentioned at the foot of page 261 of The Ins and Outs, which now has Bodleian shelfmark 38491 e. 354*, I have willed my other Solitaire papers to the Bodleian, and I hope they will save future researchers into the game a certain amount of time and trouble.