Notes and papers on Peg Solitaire (John)

The Delights of Peg Solitaire (book containing over 400 problems, October 2021)

Some observations on The Ins and Outs of Peg Solitaire (October 2021)

Peg Solitaire papers in the Bodleian Library (July 2017)

Clock solitaire (most recently revised June 2017)
A pentagonal board from Hungary (May 2016)
Some observations on a 1924 octagram board (May 2016)

An update to the history of peg solitaire (most recent appendix added April 2017)

Contributions towards a historical update (most recently revised October 2014)
Extracts from Mercure Galant, August and September 1697 (May/June 2013)
Material in Les Tablettes du Chercheur, 1891-1896 (June 2013)

Swaps and merry-go-rounds (July 2013)
New problems on old solitaire boards (George Bell and JDB, April 2005)
The text from issue 28 of The Games and Puzzles Journal (September 2003)

On 33-hole solitaire positions with rotational symmetry (November 2012)

Some observations on the analysis of peg solitaire by computer (February/March 2013)

51 flights of chess fancy (interlude and chapter 9)

Reminiscences of a puzzle enthusiast

The Ins and Outs of Peg Solitaire (OUP, 1985/1992) is out of print, but copies surface from time to time on the second-hand market (try

In addition to the file mentioned at the foot of page 261 of The Ins and Outs, I have now donated four further files to the Bodleian Library as described above, and anyone thinking of writing his or her own book on peg solitaire is warmly invited to make use of them.