Peg Solitaire papers in the Bodleian Library (John, July 2017)

At the foot of page 261 of The Ins and Outs of Peg Solitaire is a note that I would be depositing a small file of material in the Bodleian Library for the benefit of future researchers, I have now donated four further files containing all my other peg solitaire papers as at 18 July 2017. These contain scans or photocopies of all the early sources now known to me and of other documents important to the game's history and development, patents and descriptions of various non-standard forms of the game, copies of published papers and magazine articles, and so on, and will save any future researcher quite a bit of time. Anybody thinking of writing his or her own book on peg solitaire is warmly invited to make use of them.

I do not know how the Bodleian will catalogue these new files, but that deposited in 1985 has shelfmark 38491 d. 189.