51 flights of chess fancy (John)

Front cover

Introductory pages (title page, list of contents, introduction)

Chapters 1, 2 (orthodox chess endgame studies)

Chapter 3 (orthodox chess problems)

Chapter 4 (studies and problems in variant forms of chess)

Chapter 5 (retroanalysis)

Chapter 6 (joke compositions)

Interlude, chapters 7, 8, 9, 10 (frolics in other fields)

Sources and technical notes

Back cover

The copy presented here incorporates minor typographical corrections, and the figure 4121 on page 8 is correct only in so far as it accurately reflects the list given in EG 122; the true total is 4128, and there was a corrective note in a later EG. Additionally, Noam Elkies has found further settings of the Thomas Becket theme (see British Endgame Study News, December 2009, page 443), and he has produced an elegant non-joke version of study 6.2 (see Variant Chess 63, page 170).