Timothy Whitworth's Postscripts

Two Postscripts, both dated May 2014, are now available, one for Mattison's Chess Endgame Studies, revised edition 1997, the other for Leonid Kubbel's Chess Endgame Studies, revised edition 2004. (The Mattison Postscript replaces the one dated July 2010, which should now be discarded.) Timothy issued a Postscript to The Platov Brothers: Their Chess Endgame Studies in May 2004, and this remains unchanged. So now all three collections come with an up-to-date Postscript. Those who would like to have any or all of these Postscripts can obtain them from Timothy free of charge by sending him an e-mail (timothy.whitworth@techademic.net) giving their postal address. The books themselves, with the Postscripts already inserted, can be obtained from Chess Direct (www.chessdirect.co.uk).