Piper on the Mountain (John)

I have played the recorder since my childhood, and for the greater part of my life I have preferred to ignore the book and to make up my own music as I go along. Some years ago, Peacock Press published a little book saying how I do it, but this appears now to be out of print. I have therefore had a copy scanned, and have posted it here. The art is not difficult to acquire, and it will give a lot of pleasure both to the player himself and to his friends.

The copyright in the illustrations is held by Linda Owen, who drew them, but a letter requesting permission to post this copy here has come back "addressee gone away". To Linda: if you come across this, do please get in touch.

I do not have the print masters, and the scanning has been of an ordinary production copy. These were printed with attractive grey-mottled covers, hence the mottled backgrounds. My usual thanks to Mike Shaw and The Cabinet Office (www.thecabinetoffice.co.uk) for the scanning.

To download the book (front cover, title and copyright pages, pages 1-16, back cover), type here.